Discover the story of ROSALY


Endless skin problems

Kim and Roberto, a couple for 5 years, suffer from severe acne and eczema respectively. Conventional treatments did not work. Kim, a dermatology physician assistant, observes the failures of aggressive treatments. Convinced of the existence of alternative solutions, she seeks gentle and profound approaches to care for the skin without causing damage. Their quest is to find treatments based on underlying causes rather than symptoms.


First research

After extensive research into the benefits of natural ingredients in cosmetics and herbal medicine, Kim discovered the potential of natural products to care for the skin. She questions the use of harsh chemicals and looks to nature for solutions. By developing a synergy of natural active ingredients targeting acne, skin protection and eczema, Kim created an all-in-one oil, which she tested on herself and Roberto with astonishing results. Kim's spots are gradually disappearing and Roberto's eczema problems are calming down. The Or Rose product was born. Kim and Roberto share their discovery with those around them and the positive feedback exceeds their expectations, validating the effectiveness of their product.


The creation of Rosaly

The recognized effectiveness of Or Rose-based products inspired them to create ROSALY, a company specializing in natural beauty treatments to solve contemporary skin problems.

The name "ROSALY" was chosen to reflect the essence of the brand. It evokes the rose, which is the central ingredient of their products, symbolizing beauty, delicacy and nature. Additionally, the name combines the elements "Ro" from Roberto and "Ly" from Lynn (or Kim), thus representing the two founders of the company.

A name like a miracle alloy, to embody our artisanal beauty pharmacy where we offer natural rituals designed by hand in our laboratory where we both begin to work.


The beauty dispensary

Located in the canton of Bern in Switzerland, our laboratory is artisanal. We design our formulas there, by hand, using only natural ingredients.

Because we have chosen to make ROSALY a family business close to its customers for an intimate experience, we continue to make our Or Rose oil and our routines following our original processes, which require time and special care.

Today we continue to develop all our products together. Between us, we formulate, produce, package each of the formulas developed in our laboratory. We test our natural innovations on ourselves first, and on those around us.